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中国在我心中一直占据着一个特殊的地位. 在四川大地震中,那么多的死伤者和他们遭受的巨大损失让我感到非常难过. 我已经通过捐款来帮助运送灾民急需的食物,并且,我请求全世界的歌迷朋友伸出援助之手来帮助四川。 为悼念那些罹难的人们,为了鼓励失去亲人的灾民, 我为所有坚强而勇敢的中国人民写了一首特别的歌. 歌名为‘You’re In Heaven(你在天堂)’, 这首歌鼓励失去亲友的人们要带着希望和坚强信念的活下去, 总有一天会和亲人再次相聚.   

请帮我把这首充满希望的歌给更多的中国朋友. 并且希望他们能够分享给其他人. 一个人我做不到什么, 我们一起可以鼓励更多的心灵! 分享的网址为: nikoonline.com/china

我并不是为了宣传我的歌曲而这么做,我只是希望能通过我的音乐来给更过人鼓励和支持,我和中国的人们是在一起,心连心的。音乐,那是上帝赐予我的珍贵天赋;也是我要以真诚和爱意传播给世界. 我希望‘You’re In Heaven(你在天堂)’这首歌给你们和更多的人带来抚慰, 希望, 及内心的平静.  

China has a very special place in my heart. I’ve grieved over the injuries, deaths and great loss caused by the Sichuan earthquake. I’ve made a donation to help with sending food to those in need and I have written my listeners around the world asking them to help too, but in honor of all those who have died and lost loved ones, I’d like to give a special song to all the people of China. The title is "You’re In Heaven", it tells a story of pain and loss about someone who has died but it is filled with light and hope, it’s a song about one day being reunited with them.

 Please help me spread this hopeful song to others in China. Share this page with your family and friends and ask them to share it with theirs. Alone I can do nothing, TOGETHER we can touch MANY hearts! The page to share: nikoonline.com/china

I’m not doing this to promote my music but rather to SHARE my heart THROUGH music. It’s the sacred gift God has given me and it’s the sacred gift I give to the world with utter sincerity and love. My hope is that "You’re In Heaven" will bring comfort, hope and peace to you and many others.


I plan to come to China in 2008!
To sing a message of Hope and Love! If you aren’t
on my email list, sign up and I’ll keep you updated!


就如天空中的繁星                                Like the stars in the sky,
你来到我的身边向我诉说                        I see you come by me tonight and speak your heart.
你来到我的生命中带来了无限的光彩          You came into my life and brought the brightest light,
但你如风一样逝去                                but now you’ve gone away like the wind.
记得你对我说                                      Remembering what you said,
我不会忘记你 我的朋友                          I won’t forget you friend,
因为我们会在天堂中相聚                        because we’ll be together when I’m in heaven.
你在天堂中. 你在天堂中. 你在天堂中         You’re in heaven. You’re in heaven. You’re in heaven.

有一天                                              Someday,
我会与你相聚                                      I’ll be with you,
我们将最终团聚                                   somehow I will see you again.
有一天                                              Someday,
我要拉住你                                        I will hold you,
最终我会亲吻你的脸颊                          somehow I will kiss you again.
我们不会忘记你的话                             And we won’t forget your words!
永远不会忘记                                     Never will we forget!
我不会忘记你带来的光芒                       We won’t forget your light!
你迷人的脸庞                                     Beautiful face of gold!
我们不会忘记你温暖的碰触                    We won’t forget your touch,
你永远都不会离开我们 我的爱人              never will we let you go my love,
因为你一直在我们心中                          because you’re in our hearts!
我会一直爱你                                     Forever I will love you!
永远不会忘记你 爱人                            Oh and never will we forget you, Love!
有一天                                              One day,
我们会相聚                                         we’ll be together again,
在天堂中 在天堂中                               in heaven oh in heaven!
有一天                                              Someday,
最终我将随风奔向你                             somehow I will blow like the wind to you.
你来到我们的生命中 带来最美丽的光彩      You came into our lives and brought the brightest light.

download You're in Heaven


If you wish to leave a comment on this page, scroll to the bottom and there is a place for you to leave your thoughts. Thank you to all who have written me, I appreiate your words and kindness and invitations.




thanks, Niko,for your words of the earthquake. hope can see you in China, your music is great, chinese people will accept your kindheart, come on! hope your music will be better and better.


see you soon.





Dear Niko:

I am appreciate that you so understanding not like some other stars said some thing heart Chinese. please let me know if you come China, I will pick you up in the airport and do my best to support you in China. thanks and Best regards.


You are so kind Niko, Chinese people would like you forever…

Thank you

Sincerely Yours


thanks gentle Niko. we’ll appreciate your coming. i have your songs in my ipod right now

Hello Niko,

Thanks for your condolences and care.

I on behave of my chinese people to thank you!!



Hi: Niko

thanks for your care… we will be become better and stronger i welcome you to come to our city holding a Vocal Concert,we hope that. if you want a charity performance, i think your reputation will be high in our country. because many foreign star came here to make a charity performance. and they get what they want!

Thx for the reply so much, Niko

i feel so sad about this earthquake. many children lost their parents in this earthquake.

you are kindhearted person. i hope good luck is always with you.

thx for your condolences. really..

best wishes


dear Niko,

thanks a lot for your care,

people in Sichuan are healing with love and people like you

thanks again.

f_k from china


Thank you a lot ! ^_^ And I think with the support from the kind-hearted people just like you, we will overcome all the devastration! Thank you! We Chinese people will remember all your kindness, and welcome to China, Welcome to Beijing in 2008! ^_^

Thanks for your attention for my country. Actually, Sichuan province is a little bit far from my hometown. But as you know that the whole country is helping the refugees to rebuilt their house and to find their families.We will try our best to help them. And i think your idea about that song is very good, because a lot of refugees have been through a serious psychological trauma.And i think your songs must help them to recover.

Hope your plan will be carry out soon. And all the best wishes to you..

yours Phyllis W.



Thank you for your condolences and careness.

More than 60,000 people died so far, and more than 20,000 people are not be found.

Even some people are rescued, they will become handicapped in future.

We’re all sad. Thank you again.

Welcome to china! and hope your song will let more people happy.




Thank you for your caring! In these days,many people give us the prayers and so much help,much thanks in our heart. With all the persons prayers, i think the God will bless China, and we will be stronger and stronger.

No matter whether you can come to China, you have the blessing of the times, have been very grateful to you!



That’s so sweet, thanks very much. Our Chinese are confront this disaster together and we will conquer for sure with your support! ;)





long time on see! how are you recently? our city Chengdu (Sichuan province ) is near by the earthquake center about 100KM. but we are luck we are fine now!but around the earthquake center so many people were killed! maybe the songs is a good plan to these ones who were injuried and lost their relatives…..

thanks your concerning us …..



Thank you for your sincere support, Niko!

I will always support your career too!

Take care


Hi Niko!

Thank you very much for your thought and care for the calamity in our country! The terrible earthquake brought great devastation to the disaster areas, and greate grief to all of us. We are very grateful for every assistance and care. We are also actively helping people in disaster areas rebuild their homes. You will be welcome in China for your music and charity. Thank you for you kindness once again!



Hello, Niko
what’s up

Thank you for your email.

It’s really a big disaster happened without any sign. The whole country is in great mourning.However,we have to be much braver. Music is really great treatment for the people who have lost their homes, or even their relatives. Actually, some songs, written by Chinese musicians at the first time, have already been widely spread through internet.

No doubt that music is full of energy to encourage people to face difficulties. Some people survived by singing their favorite songs lowly when waiting for the rescuers. In the dark moment, music is so powful.

Moreover,the rebuilding is a long plan. The suvivers who suffered the disaster may feel horrible

psychologically,and cantus may calm them down.

I wish to hear your new songs as soon as possible.

have a nice day



Hi, thanks alot to care about what happend in China!

Nick Wang


Hi Niko,

Thank you so much for caring about people in my country and the mail, i ..we all appreciate it alot :)

you might know that we all chinese people, from the chairman to the farmers and cleaners are doing everything possible to help the victims in quake aeras…… yes, there is a hope as we are united as one and we are stand together in front of everything. we all sad about the natural disaster, but we must be strong too. and i think chinese people are strong enough to go through this hard period…

Thank you again Niko. if you come to china, please let me know. coz my hometown used to belong quake province.


Lynn Zhang

Thank you very much for your caring, Niko! It’s really appreciated.

And I wanna thank you on people’s behalf in Sichuan Province where the earthquake happened. They’re suffering a lot. The whole China is keeping donating to them, helping them to rebuild their homes. And I believe your music definitely will help them to get through this disaster.

I really want to say that I appreciate your words again, especially after Sharon Stone said those words to China. You let me know that there are still a lot of justicial America stars supporting us.
Thank you very much.

If you come to China, please let me know~

Best Regards,


Hi Niko,

I am so pleased to get the thoughts u are with me, China, It is so kind of u to have the passion on China. the devastation of the earthquake in Cina is miserable this time, so many people was killed and no home any more, all the people in China, no matter rich and poor they all give their hands to help them,we all donated to them I’d like to be voluntee to give all my passion to them too!!! I am very preciated what u want to do for China, I will try to find out if u can come to have ur show or sing for Chinese people! they would love u and ur songs!!! China have a very big market to have u for them!!! but u know some of Holleywood film Star-Sharon Stone who said our disaster is response for Chinese, those were annoied Chinese people, now all over China what about her films, dvd and even the brand’s she representitive Dior, all Chinese refuse buying them, we all think she is unfair for Chinese, all Chises people felt sad for disaster, she even showed her heart like this, anyway we all cancelled her photoes and things concerned with her!!! She will loose the big marcket in China, of course she will be at loss for her advertisment etc.

My friend Niko, I luv ur passionate to China and u are my close friend in America ever. u are the world, and we are the world too!!!!

Stay well




Thank you so much !

I think chinese will take over the difficult! Thank you for you help

I wish you will make great progress this year!

We will enjoy more good music? from niko!

Best regard!

shan from beijing china.


Hi, Niko, sorry i didnt write you back. but only one thing that you need to know is that i’ve been alwanys supporting you in china.

thank u for your letters and care.

take care and good luck




thanks for your care. I think our Chinese will recovery soon as so many people’s help from the world like you. Your songs will encourge us a lot!

Thank you again.



Hi Niko

Thank you so much for your emails, we really appreciate your kind hearted, thank you very much for caring about us. Thank you Niko.

You are welcome to come to China, pls let me know when and where as soon as you come to China. I am your fans and would like to go and enjoy your music if time schedule fit.

Thank you very much for what you have been done for us.

Thank you :-)



Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. As you know, with the help of people all arond the world, China has been stand up again. Now everything is turning better. Thank you again.

You said you gone come to China. It’s really a wonderful news for me and for all the people who enjoy your music in China. I almost could’t wait for the moment. It’ll must be very exciting.

I like the music with true emotion.Yours is such a good choice for me. It makes me feel that’s the sound from someone’s heart. It’s really great. So,come on!Go on making wonderful music for the world, for the ones who love your music like me.


From Gloryq



Thank u so much that I can not say whate to u .Hoping and Waiting for ur visiting to CN soon

Thank you so much!

We are waiting for u!


Thank you for your kindness!
My place is far from the epicenter. So I am fine. We donate many things to the  disaster areas, like money, clothes, food and blood.
But many people die in the disaster. We all feel sorry about that. I have faith in my country and my people. Everything will be fine.
Thanks again!

Hello! Niko,

Yes,in Sichuan province of China a lot of people got wounded or even died of the earthquake…. most people lost their home.

All over the China, people make donation for the homeless people and saving the survived people.

Thanks for your caring. I live in Beijing but still felt the influence of the earthquake.

Welcome to China!

Best regards,



Hello, Niko

what’s up

Thank you for your email.

It’s really a big disaster happened without any sign. The whole country is in great mourning.However, we have to be much braver. Music is really great treatment for the people who have lost their homes, or even their relatives. Actually, some songs, written by Chinese musicians at the first time, have already been widely spread through internet.

No doubt that music is full of energy to encourage people to face difficulties. Some people survived by singing their favorite songs lowly when waiting for the rescuers. In the dark moment, music is so powful.

Moreover,the rebuilding is a long plan. The suvivers who suffered the disaster may feel horrible

psychologically, and cantus may calm them down.

I wish to hear your new songs as soon as possible.

have a nice day



Hello Niko,

Thanks alot for the message.

You are the No. 1, a great artiest who has all the mercy!

Thanks! All Chinese will thank you!

Best Regards!



We Chinese are all in the pains of the 5.12 WenChuan massive earthquake, However we’re also strong. we help each other, no matter who they are.

I am happy to see your benevolence, and say "thank you" to you and your team.

Thank You All!


Aaron Wong




Thanks for your attention, Thounds of our compatriots were died on 5.12 earthquake, more were injured, They need foods and tents and so on, Every chinese people was sadness these days, If you have time, Please to tell your friends or relatives to donate money or supplies for us, Thanks a lot! Take care!





I’m very grateful for your concern and sympathy? We pray for quick recovery of the injured and hope the dead rest in peace.

Once again may God bless you and your good work through music.



hello, Niko

Thank your care,my country happened the earthquake,my English is bad,that do not have good communication with you. sorry, Chinese must tough, big calamity have great love!

we want hold together, conquer difficulty.



I appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

James Wong


Thank you very much

As you can see from news, television and so on. We are suffering 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Many people has died, many children included.

But we chinese will not be defeated. We will continue to work hard. We will be better under the help of the government and people all over the world.

No matter what happen, we always welcome our friends.

welcome, Niko.



thanks for the concern, we hope we can hear Niko’s more and more music……


Hi Niko,

Thank you so much for your greeting.

I am very well and very safe, as I am in Shanghai not Sichuan.

Many people died because of the earthquake, but the survivers they don’t give up hope to live.

Everything will be recovered.

And wish the Olympic games successful.



Sincerely thank you for your Condolences and Caring. You know, my hometown is Sichuan Province, and the earthquake was happened in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province.It’s Close to the place from us. In May 12, I was sleeping at the room. Suddenly the bed began shaking up .I jumped from the bed and run out. As of today, Has identified that over 60,000 victims of my compatriots

Including the United States, many countries, given my country a lot of help. It makes me very impressed. At present we still have a lot of work need to be resolved?I believe in our government’s efforts,In many countries around the world selfless assistance, We must be able to overcome this natural disaster.

Once again, to you and your countries expressed sincere gratitude, thank you very much.

Charlie Cheung,

in Nanchong City of Sichuan Province



Hi Niko,

Thank you for your considerate words. Yeah, our people really suffered a lot from that disaster :(

But we will arise. With the music and the hope, I deem.

I feel our luck will change soon.

I hope American people will also enjoy the good luck then ;)

See you around




my dear friend, thank you so much to be so considerated.

yes,we Chinese people are suffering a lot now,

and we have also got lots help from all over the world!!!

I really appreciate it!!!!

hope everything goes well!!



Hey Niko

Thanks so much for the email. Really appreaciate it!

Yes.we know you care. and your heart is with us!

Thanks for all your suppport!!!!!!!!

Let’s pray for those victims of Sichuan.

Elaine from China


thanks for your blessings! I wish you every success




Thanks for your message. I am On beharlf of all chinese thank you very much!

Take care yourself. enjoy yourself because life is so short

Thanks again and best regards,



hi Niko,

thank you soo much for this msg, it is really menas a lot to me, and also all the chiense people, we r fine now, just try to build the houses again, but really thank you very much for this warmest msg:) thx a lot,and yeah of coz we love to see u here in china:D that gonna rock~ keep in touch please, and wish u a good day:)


ai :)



Thank you for your caring about us! We hope your music be heard by more and more people. Keep on doing it!



Hi Niko,

As a chinese I’m very hurt for this earthquake and also be grateful for your condolences and your songs in heart. Welcome to come in China to share your songs.

Many thanks!



I’m moved by your e-mail because of your regards far away. Your thoughts and prayers will encourage our people to overcome difficulties

It’ll be fantastic for you to come to China. Surely you’ll receive warm welcome of our Chinese people. By the way, I love your songs. Your voice is pretty cool.

Thanks for you concern and blessing.

Wish you healthy and happy.

Welcome to China!


hey Niko,

Thanks a lot for the email!

yeah it is really hard for those people who lives in Sichuan province, now more and more people are there and help to rebuild and save lives…… sometimes it is hard to think why these kind of disaster happens, but somehow it is an opportunity that people will think what’s the meaning of the life and they might really have an open heart.and i am really glad that most people got saved and they might have new view of the life.

the sad thing is there’re many children lost their family and parents, such sad, hope their will be some really nice people adopt them and treat them well, heal their broken heart.

and i want to say again that thanks a lot for your heart of my country!





I really appreciate your care for the devastation happened on May 12th in China.

And at this time ,music is necessary for the children who are suffering from this quake.

Maybe you can go to the related area in Sichuan Province to take a look.

A lot of children are deprived of their legs, parents. Everything is gone,which could be more miserable than you thought.

I am convinced that it will be a thought-provoking trip..

However, security also should be taken into consideration

Anyway, thank you very much

riki yin


Thank you, Niko!

We are all appreciate for your words!

wish you, your family, everyone you love, everyone who love you good luck !!

Thanks for pray


hey, NIKO! how are you doing?

thanks for ur nice word to my country yes, the earthquake is really destructive, it’s really sad to chinese, even humans!

but from this, we chinese ppl are more cohesive and have created lots of miracles!we help each other as we’r families. we should also thank friends from other countries,they let us see the pure love between ppl. and we believe we’ll move on and rebuild our homeland in no time!

Also,China is preparing for the olympics, "we are ready!!!" welcome you all come and enjoy it, NIKO

good luck to you&my best wishes!